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Friday, 29 November 2013

Loving the Job!

Yesterday we received such a wonderful email which made everyone here at Forget me not Tombstones feel fantastic. 
It means so much to us that we have made an impression on a client of ours, that they take the time out of their day to email us, thanking us for our service.

A big thank you to Verna and Natascha

At the end of the year, where everyone is tired and some days you feel like you are running on empty, it makes everything worthwhile when we receive an email like the one below. It is things like this that make you love your job, that we are able to assist someone in such an important process.

             "Good day
I would just like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU" for the outstanding service I received from FMNT.
I got to discover FMNT on the internet and the minute I contacted the company, I received great service from Verna.
She was so helpful and kept in contact with me all the time to ensure I was happy with the service. Unfortunately Verna had a family emergency and was not available to assist but the lovely Natascha stepped in and put my mind at ease. she was so helpful, had my mock up done and sent to me with a receipt confirming that full payment was made and still promised to                                                       have the tombstone installed in time.
she called me again today to confirm that the installation will be done tomorrow at ten. In a country like ours, where customer service is almost non existent, I am glad that FMNT goes beyond a customers expectation. Thank you for putting my mind at ease and for making things so easy for us as a family. At an emotional time like this, Natascha ensured my mind was at ease.
So thank you, I will certainly be recommending FMNT to everyone I know. May the Lord richly bless you and keep you and may FMNT grow from strength to strength."

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings and Light


Friday, 8 November 2013

 Monuments Made for a Lifetime

Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy

Two of our co-owners Jonathan and Natascha Barry, went to Italy in September, and were absolutely mesmerised by the architecture and majesty of the historical sites in Rome. And most of all, the timelessness of the designs and how they have literally stood the test of time.

Not only did they have the most amazing time, but they also came back with a better understanding of stone and granite, and the possibilities in design
St Mark's Cathedral in Venice,Italy

The Colosseum,Rome. The sheer size and beauty of this
thousands of years old monument

The availability of granite and marbles that the ancient romans had at there disposal is truly staggering, every corner of every church, has some intricate design that is crafted out of granite or marble, be it a huge granite column or a floor mosaic.  In the Vatican the carvings of granite are mind boggling and we both stood in awe admiring these works of art.

A carving found in the Vatican

Impact on our Designs

It has opened up a world of creative possibilities for us, and are both extremely excited about the new designs that we are creating presently. The first installment is the Italian Collection,which is available on our website. As you will see the collection is based on historic Italian monuments.

Leaving a Legacy

The biggest impact I think for me personally, is how long these monuments have stood, generations have passed through the ages, and will continue to do so, but these stone buildings, carvings, monuments will still be here. In our industry we endeavour to create a monument for an individual, a place where generations of families can come and visit, where stories can be told, a place of reflection, of happiness, of love and sadness. I feel that a monument is part of the story of someones life, and being in Italy truly reminded me of the significance of this, and I feel humbled and honoured by what I do everyday.

I truly hope you feel blessed in your life, each and everyday.

Blessing and Light