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Friday, 28 June 2013

Why we only provide Quality Tombstones.

Over the last year we have had an alarming amount of tombstones that we have replaced from other tombstone companies, who  have let people down and have given them a cheap looking tombstone and they end up disappointed.

Even though we mention this to our prospective clients that we only use 1st grade granite and even though you might be able to get it cheaper from a small tombstone company, you get what you pay for. Its like comparing a luxury car with a second hand car.
BUT here at forget me not Tombstones you get the BEST at AFFORDABLE and REASONABLE
Because of this we want to actually show you what we mean and show you comparisons.


Lower grade small tombstone
polished front only

Our  Venus tombstone - taller and all polished
made from 1st grade granite

Lower grade  tombstone
polished front only and unattractive
writing and not bright

Our Bronte tombstone all polished with
bold beautiful writing

Lower grade  tombstone
with dull surface and unattractive

Our Pillared Bible tombstone that is all
polished  with a beautiful finish

As you can see by the above examples, our tombstones are of a SUPERIOR quality.
We are so confident in our memorials we give a 25 YEAR GUARANTEE!
We also provide SOLID granite, we do not construct our memorials from pieces of granite that are meant for kitchen tops.

An example of a memorial we were asked to replace

This stone is made from 25mm pieces that are used for kitchen tops.
We could not even place a better colour for the wording because 
they did not even engrave the stone properly!

We only make use of 80mm thick granite on all our ranges
 except our economical range which is 60mm thick

Here at Forget me not Tombstones we understand that placing a memorial for a loved one is a very special part of the healing process  and that you only want the best for your loved one.
 We provide this to all our clients, from  customer service to unveiling invitations to installing the memorial.

We are there every step of the way.

All our prices include wording and graphics eg. praying hands, flowers etc - no restriction, 
installation in the JHB area, vat and 100 free unveiling invitations.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact us on :

Blessings and Light


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A little more about Us

Who are Forget me not Tombstones?

Forget me not Tombstones is a family run business. and we pride ourselves in the exceptional quality which
we provide our clients. We strive for excellence in customer care and are here to assist you every step in selecting the perfect memorial for your loved one. We believe in providing a valuable service to each client, dealing with each order in a personal and an individualistic manner.

From the moment a client walks in the door we believe in giving the best service we can offer. Listening to their needs and requirements. From our sales team to our designers, we are here to provide an unrivaled service in the tombstone industry to the public.

What do we stand for?

Why we are the best choice to provide your loved one with a beautiful memorial: 

Blessings and Light


Diepkloof Square Business Expo - 16 June 2013

We were very lucky to take part in a small business expo at Diepkloof Square on the 16th of June 2013.
It started off being an incredibly cold and windy day, but as the sun warmed up, the weather improved.

The whole of the Forget me not Tombstones sale team was out in full force, with many cups of coffee to
keep the chill away we were all very excited to assist people with questions and inquiries.

We were very pleased to find that many people knew about our company and that we have  a good
 standing in the community. we were also pleasantly surprised to see some of our old clients!

We showcased a wide variety of statues,  bronzes, vases and a selection of photographs
 - glass and sandblasted that can be mounted onto any memorial.

With our full range of tombstone catalogues  with us as well as a informational brochure about our company, we were able  to assist many people.

It was a fun and busy day at the Expo,  and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. We are looking forward to participating in the next Expo.

We believe that being active in the community  is very important, and we enjoy interacting  with the public in order to inform them about our amazing tombstone prices,exceptional quality and our 25 year guarantee.

Also look out for articles in the Soweto Bulletin Community Newspaper,  written by Natascha Barry,
 which aim to assist and inform people about relevant topics for their lives.

Blessings and Light