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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Off to the Quarry

Raw Material Quarry Area

Large 3 metre saw cutting raw material into granite slabs

Just a few pictures of the quarry, where granite is cut into manageable pieces and shapes.
It was lovely to get out into the countryside with fresh air and wide open spaces. Working at the office in Johannesburg, I sometimes forget the sheer weight and size of the material we use to create beautiful, modern tombstones.

Large blocks from the quarry are cut down on the massive saws to create slabs which we are then able to cut, shape and polish into our tombstones.
The only way to move the granite when its in these kind of sizes is the use of forklifts

Polishing Bay

Row of polishing and cutting bays

Thank you for having a look at the pictures.

Blessings and Light