Forget me not Tombstones was a finalist in the 702 Small Business Awards 2011

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Here at Forget me not Tombstones we pride ourselves in being open and honest to all our clients. Our mission is not only to provide a product, but to also provide an individual service to each customer. The work we do has the potential to touch many lives and we take that very seriously.

With the ever increasing competition in our industry and the escalation in fly-by-nights,  as well as a less than ideal economy, tombstone manufacturing has become a saturated market in South Africa.  As business owners we sometimes loose focus on our initial ethos when times become challenging. However, that is the exact moment when you need to hold onto your beliefs and business ethics. Those are the components that made you stand out from the crowd before, and created a large client base.

In the remaining six months of this year, we are refocusing all our efforts and attention to client care and service. As our motto says “Big enough to cope … Small enough to care.”  On a personal note, I have grown greatly as a person since being involved in this industry, and have made life long friends with many of my clients. A tombstone is not only a product to be scrutinised for quality and excellence , but it is the embodiment of the love a family has for a special person that has passed. Here at Forget me not Tombstones, we understand this and feel privileged that each one of our customer’s are selecting us to walk with them on this journey.

The design lab is going to be closely collaborating with our sales department  in order to fine-tune our client services we offer to the public. Design appointments can be set up with us on a Saturday from 9 –12pm. Please feel free to email us to make an appointment, we look forward to sitting with you and brainstorming ideas to create the perfect memorial for your loved one.

We have also just launched our new rose on eco kerbs with white marble stones, which we are selling at R4600.00 – all inclusive.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.
We look forward to being of assistance.
Please come visit our showroom to view some of the memorials we offer, sit and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while you browse our catalogues.

Blessings and Light