Forget me not Tombstones was a finalist in the 702 Small Business Awards 2011

Saturday, 28 May 2016

From me to you

I have been in this industry for 15 years now, and I have seen many changes.
I remember when we first opened the doors of a little known tombstone company called Forget me not Tombstones, when there were but a handful of big tombstone manufacturers in South Africa. I also remember when we were the first tombstone company to really embrace the wonderful world of the internet and the day our website went live for the first time.
From very humble beginnings to... well  that's just it we are still humble. And that is the difference.

I have seen many tombstone companies pop up all around the place - they last a few years, then they close shop or unfortunately vanish taking with them the hard earned money of their lay buy clients with them.
These types of people have no respect or understanding of what the tombstone industry should be about. But I am beginning to realise perhaps my ethos is unique in this industry.

 I have seen "mega" tombstone suppliers open up, where it is all about the cash, the flash and the bling. The bigger, the better, the more cash the more the splash.
Now call me old fashion, but I feel that a tombstone/ funeral service needs to about respect, about humility, about helping families remember their loved ones in a beautiful and dignified way. And remembering that we are in a very emotion driven industry, that we are dealing with families who are grieving and who are in various stages of this process. We do not merely sell a consumer product, we provide a service and as a tombstone business owner, we need to remember that it is an honour to be selected to assist the family who makes use of your services.

And that is why we only have one branch. I made that decision knowingly, not because I do not have aspirations of growing larger (which we have over the 15 years), but because my concern is that I do not want to loose that family atmosphere we have at our company. We believe in family, I want to engage with my clients, I get joy from being on the showroom floor, meeting clients, old clients popping in for a cup of coffee. If I have more branches to manage, the less engaged I feel I will become with people.  I want my clients to know if they want to see me, they know all they have to do is come to our showroom and they will find me there to assist them in away I am able.

In this world of technology and "faceless" communication, I feel we are moving a way from each other, we are forgetting how to connect with each other on a deep and personal level. Here at Forget me not Tombstones, we believe in making these connections with people.

We sit and listen to our clients, hear the stories of their loved ones, how they passed on, how they who are left behind are coping. Its not just a memorial, its so much more than that. I feel completely honoured to be apart of the process, to hear these stories. It is often so hard to find the words to describe to someone how it feels to do a tombstone for a family, because for me it truly is a gift.

That is why I have put a lot of emphasis on our Design LAB lately, I work closely with each client to create the perfect memorial that encompasses the love for a deceased family member.
From just an idea or merely one design component you wish to incorporate, I will create design options for you to have a look at. I will assist you every step of the way of the design process, from conception to reality.

So when you come to Forget me not Tombstones you will be welcomed into a family atmosphere, you might even see clients making a cup of coffee for themselves in the kitchen - we truly are family here. There is nothing superficial about us, we are a family run business and we offer a loving, caring service to our clients.  Our relationship with you lasts a lifetime.

We may not be the biggest tombstone company or the "flashiest" either, but one thing is for sure without a shadow of a doubt, we truly do care, We treat you and your loved one with respect and the dignity you deserve - not only that, we offer cutting edge designs and one of a kind memorials. Creativity abounds here at Forget me not Tombstones.

You are not just a name and number here at Forget me not Tombstones, no matter what product you
buy from us, each client is important and we look forward to welcoming you to the
Forget me not Tombstones Family.

Blessing and Light